The Youth Ventures Joint Powers Authority (JPA) is a collaboration of the County of Alameda, the Oakland Unified School District, and the City of Oakland, to combine and coordinate efforts to secure and leverage resources to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and youth.


The Youth Ventures Joint Powers Authority (JPA) advocates for children, youth and families in the City of Oakland with a special emphasis on vulnerable populations.


The needs of disadvantaged youth living in urban areas throughout California are urgent and complex. These youth and their families do not fall within any one jurisdiction and no one jurisdiction can meet all of their needs. Too often public funding is not strategically leveraged to maximize outcomes for children, youth and their families. This is especially relevant in urban areas like Oakland, where a variety of local governmental institutions, counties, cities, school districts and courts are responsible for a wide range of programming and support services for children and their families.


We work with the most disadvantaged communities in the City of Oakland with broader reach to cities across of Alameda County. The communities are home to families where 64% of children live in poverty and live with burdens they are not meant to bear. In Oakland, the unemployment rate is 17.7 percent and the high school graduation rate is 60 percent, compared to 80 percent statewide. In these communities are found the highest levels of health disparities including the highest rates of hospitalization for asthma, teen births, and hospitalization for assault among youth. Students in these communities rank among the lowest on academic tests and have high rates of school suspension, drop-outs and truancy. It is these youth whom we serve.

To address these issues, over the last decade the member organizations of the Youth Ventures Joint Powers Authority have focused on building collaborative partnerships to leverage resources, eliminate duplication of services, and deliver accessible services to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.


To support its mission, the JPA follows core principles that include:

  • Creation and institutionalization of inter-agency and intra-agency support systems and strategies
  • Data-driven, collaborative decision-making
  • Protection of individual privacy and confidentiality
  • Resource development, expansion, leveraging and pooling
  • Mutual responsibility for meaningful outcomes
  • Joint credit for success
  • Promotion of best practices
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