JANIS BURGERCEO of First 5 Alameda County

    Janis Burger is the CEO of First 5 Alameda County.

    Through her leadership at First 5 Alameda County, Janis works with county agencies, community colleges, school districts and community organizations to develop an integrated, cross-discipline approach to the complex needs of children and families.

    She was an appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in 2014 after serving as the Deputy Director for 14 years.

    Prior to working with First 5 Alameda County she worked for Alameda County Health Care Services Agency with a focus on maternal, child and adolescent health within a context of systems change. Her early years focused on developing and funding comprehensive community based strategies to reduce the high rates of infant mortality within the African American population.

    Janis has also served on the board of New Field Foundation since 2003 and is involved with a variety of State and National organizations working to improve outcomes for young children and their families.

    Janis Burger received her MPH from UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

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